Price and Licences

License Types decision support

Regular Licences

1st Licence 2nd - 4th Licence +5. Licences
Single User Licence (SU) 3.100,- EUR 2.100,- EUR each 1.400,- EUR each
Update SU from Ver. 5.x to the latest version 750,- EUR 650,- EUR each 550,- EUR each
Network Licence (NET) 3.400,- EUR 2.300,- EUR each 1.600,- EUR each
Update NET from Ver. 5.x to latest version
!! Please pay attention to the update notes !!
850,- EUR 750,- EUR each 650,- EUR each
Additional CD 50,- EUR
Updates from Ver. 3.x / 4.x to latest version prices on request

Determine the costs for multi user licences

University licence

unlimited count of users
University licence for research and education only 100,- EUR
Additional CD 50,- EUR

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updating network licences

The update price will always be charged based on the licence size of your existing network licence. Due to technical limitations, it is not possible to order an update for less users than the existing licence has. If you have any further questions, please contact us in advance.