Types Of Licences

design2treat is offered in three licence types:
single-user licence, network licence and university licence
The single-user licence and the network licence are protected by a USB dongle against unauthorized use.
The university licence is shipped with a licence file.

single-user licence

The single-user licence is used with a USB dongle directly connected to the users computer. The licence holder is granted to install design2treat on several computers. Anyway, design2treat can only be used on one computer at a time with the USB dongle.

network licence

When purchasing a design2treat network license, the buyer receives a USB dongle, which is installed on a computer (dongle server). With the help of the dongle software, the purchased licenses are made available by the dongle server in the network, and design2treat can be used on all workstation computers in the network. At the same time, only as many users can use design2treat, depending on the number of network licenses purchased.
Network licenses are currently available for one to ten users. If you need a network license for more than ten users, please contact us.
For technical information on the use of design2treat in the network, see the document ReadMe_Netzwerkversion.pdf.
(only available in German).

university licence

For a special price university licences are available only for research and educational facilities. Commercial usage and transmission to third-party-users (students too) is prohibited.
Printing of calculation results is impossible.