If you have any problems with the use of design2treat, you will find hints and helpful hints for possible errors and corrections.
On the FAQ page on the USB dongle, you will find error messages that have previously occurred when using the dongle-bound single-user and network licenses.

If you already use a USB dongle from a previous version of design2treat (versions 5.1x), your dongle may need to be updated.
On the USB Dongle Diagnostics page, you will find information on how to retrieve the diagnostic information from the USB dongle, and how to perform a firmware update of the USB dongle if necessary.

Use of design2treat in a network

The design2treat 6 licence can be used in the network version by all Windows workstations in a network.
At the same time, however, only as many users can use design2treat, as licences were purchased. The number of licences is stored on the USB dongle.
Further information can be found in the document ReadMe_Netzwerkversion.pdf
(Please note, that the document is available only in German.)

The USB dongle for the network license is designed to be used on a hardware-based dongle server only.
If you intend to use the USB dongle with a virtualized dongle server, please read the notes in chap. "3.4 Nutzung eines virtualisierten Server-PC" in the above readme document.

Contact for technical support

Norbert Keilen